What’s Next Waiting For Us About Technical SEO?

As internet technologies still grow and evolve. interest in technical SEO is growing together with it. Journalist St. Patrick Stox appearance ahead to visualize what advancements area unit on the horizon and the way these might impact technical SEO.

Zia Ahsan on Jan Eighteen, 2018 at 2:25 pm

It looks like Technical SEO is experiencing an advance in quality.

In 2016, microphone King believed that we tend to be on the cusp of a technical SEO renaissance.


Because of the fast advancement of internet technologies. And in 2017, interest continued to boom. uncalled-for to mention, spirits area unit high going into 2018 with a revived passion for learning and therefore the importance of technical SEO.

I love the new energy and focus, however, I conjointly understand that individuals have limits on their time and energy and that I marvel however so many individuals area unit willing to travel down the rabbit burrow.

The online is a lot of complicated than ever and looks to be scaling and fracturing exponentially.

At the speed we’re going, I’m undecided it’s doable to stay up with everything — and that I believe we are going to begin seeing a lot of specialization inside technical SEO.

More Data

Everyone is making (and having the ability to access) a lot of knowledge than ever before.

With this enlargement, we’ve got to form the sense of a lot of knowledge and expand our skills so as to method this quantity of knowledge.

We’re obtaining a lot of knowledge concerning customers, websites, the online itself, and even, however, individuals use the online.

One of the foremost exciting prospects on behalf of me is in victimization clickstream knowledge for client journeys.

Not will we got to guess wherever individuals came from and what actions they took in some idealistic view.

We are able to see all the various methods individuals took and their untidy journeys through the online.

Our site, and even contender websites. We’re seeing lots a lot of SEO tool corporations beginning to use clickstream knowledge, and I’m curious to visualize what uses they’re going to have for this knowledge.

Google is ramping up their efforts on knowledge likewise, as well as sourcing a lot of knowledge than ever before from users.

Google is gathering a lot of knowledge with things like Google My Business Q&A which will doubtless be used for voice search if it’s not already.

Google Webmaster Trend Analyst port of entry Illyes expressed at Pubcon Vegas in 2017 that there’ll be a lot of specialising in structured knowledge and a lot of applications for the info this year.

Eventually, Google is going to be able to perceive our websites to a tolerable degree that they won’t like the structured knowledge.

We’ve already seen Google offer a lot of and a lot of information Graph info and made results, showing different people’s knowledge on their pages like weather, song lyrics, answers and for a lot of.

It looks Google is chop-chop increasing showing different people’s knowledge on their pages and eventually, as Barry Adams place it, they’re going to doubtless treat websites as knowledge sources.

I don’t recognize if I really like the prospect of this or hate it. On one hand, I hate that they will scrape and use our data.

On the opposite hand, I believe it might be superb to visualize an entire new quite search wherever facts, opinions, POVs and a lot of area unit aggregate and dampened into an outline of a subject.

Having everything provided ME|on behalf of me} rather than reading through a bunch of various websites (and doubtless coping with a bunch of various ads and pop-ups) sounds pretty smart to me as a user.

If Google doesn’t go this route, that leaves area|an area} for a contender to try to this and truly differentiate themselves within the search space.

Mobile, Speed, Security

Google’s mobile-first index is rolling out and can be for quite for a while. this is often aiming to take a shift in thinking about SEO and power suppliers from desktop to mobile.

Even Google, in shows, currently principally talks concerning “taps” rather than “clicks,” that I’ve found to be a stimulating shift.

The mobile-first index goes to make disturbance for technical SEO. several sites can have problems with paging, canonicalization, hreflang, content parity, internal linking, structured knowledge and a lot of.

One positive modification that I prefer is that content hidden for uxor reasons are going to be given full weight within the mobile-first index, which suggests we’ve got lots a lot of choices for content style and layout.

Google has conjointly been expression it’ll look at speed being a lot of distinguished metric for the mobile-first index.

Right now, it’s primarily on/off, and you’re solely hurt by speed if you’re extremely too slow — however, they will really weight this heavier or modification however they handle the load supported the speed within the future.

Security is prime of mind for lots of individuals right away. Last year saw a number of the largest breaches of knowledge in history, like the Equifax hack.

Google has been pushing HTTPS all over for years, and currently, Chrome has started marking pages as “Not Secure” in an exceedingly smart opening move for principally kind pages.

However, eventually, they commit to showing this on all HTTP pages and with a lot of noticeable red warning label.

The EU conjointly has new rules in situ around privacy, familiar together as GDPR (General knowledge Protection Regulation).

The push for security and privacy might subtract lots of the info that we tend to presently have offered to the United States and create maintaining the info we’ve got a lot of complicated, as there is also completely different rules in numerous markets.

The increasing and broken internet
I don’t even recognize wherever to start out with this. the online is growing, and everything is ever-changing therefore quick.

It appears like weekly there’s a replacement JavaScript (JS) framework. They’re not simply a fashion — this is often what the websites of the long run are going to be engineered with.

All of the search engines have seen this and have created nice strides in crawl JS. (Yes, even Bing.)

We have all kinds of new technologies stoning up, like AMP, PWAs and GraphQL. the online is broken over ever before, and lots of those new technologies area unit a lot of technical than ever before and appear to perpetually modification. (I’m observing you, AMP!) we tend to might even see a lot of around VR (virtual reality) websites and AR (augmented reality) websites, as a number of these devices are getting a lot of fashionable.

Rise of Tools

I expect to visualize lots of changes in tools and in numerous systems this year. I’ve seen some systems recently that specify within the HTTP header after they hearth a airt, that helps to troubleshoot once redirects may be at multiple levels and there’s lots of routing.

This is often one trend I would like would become a regular. I believe we’re aiming to see a lot of things at the CDN level likewise.

I don’t suppose several SEOs area unit offloading redirects and process them at the sting nonetheless, however that’s typically the simplest place for them.

I’m extremely excited for all the advancements in JavaScript likewise and seeing what everybody can do with Service staff, and particularly things like Cloudflare staff, which permit you to method JS at the sting.

I’ve seen associate dealing in posts victimization JS injection through things like Google Tag Manager, however, process this transformation is slow and happens when the page load.

Ever-changing a similar issue before it’s delivered to the user, which might be doable at the sting, are going to be a far higher answer.

I’m conjointly excited to visualize what SEO tools area unit aiming to come back up with.

There’s a lot of knowledge offered than ever before, associated I’m seeing an increased interest in machine learning.

I might prefer to see a lot of tools integrate things like workflow and processes, or perhaps understanding, instead of simply being knowledge dumps, as they principally area unit currently.

The class of tool I’m most excited concerning and expect to essentially inherit its own this year, I don’t even recognize what to decide.

These tools area unit primarily systems that sit in between your server and CDN (or might conjointly act as a CDN) that enable you to form changes to your website before it’s delivered.

They will be used for testing or simply to scale fixes across one or multiple platforms.

The foremost fascinating a part of this on behalf of me is going to be however they differentiate themselves, as in what quite logic, rules and suggestions can they create and whether or not they can have any error discovery.

The tools I’m talking concerning area unit Distilled ODN, Updatable from Ayima, RankSense and crank science.

They furnish you full management of the DOM (Document Object Model) before the website is served.

It’s like having a prerender wherever you’ll be able to modification something you would like concerning your website. These systems have the potential solve lots of major problems.

However, I ponder concerning their longevity, albeit they’re fairly new, because the antecedently mentioned Cloudflare staff might do these changes likewise.

Google can facilitate

I talked concerning smarter tools with a lot of understanding, however, Google has loads of knowledge likewise.

Their goal is to serve the simplest page for the user, in spite of World Health Organization optimized the simplest.

As they see similar issues on websites over and over, I totally expect them to start out ignoring or correcting a lot of technical SEO issues on their finish.

We’ve seen this point and time once more in however they handle duplicate content, 301/302 redirects, parameters then way more.

For now, we tend to still do everything we all know we must always do, however, I wonder what percentage of the items we tend to fix currently won’t be fastened within the future.

Google is additionally giving the United States a lot of knowledge than ever before.

Within the beta for Google Search Console. We’ve got lots of recent tools for technical SEO. As well as the Index Coverage and AMP standing reports.

This area unit nice for showing the kinds of issues on the website. However, the fascinating issue of Maine is that Google has known and classified of these completely different issues.

If they recognize the issues, they might correct for them or even. As the associate intermediate step, create suggestions in GSC for webmasters.


Technical SEO incorporates a good future prior it. I see such a lot of new individuals learning and adapting to challenges. And therefore the energy and excitement within the area are unimaginable.

I’m wanting forward to a good 2018, seeing what advancements it’ll bring and what new things I will learn.

– Zia Ahsan, SEO Netizens