SEO Tutorial – Keyword Competition

SEO Tutorial - Keyword Competition

At this point in the SEO Tutorial, you've discovered which sites are your main keyword competition.
Next you'll play detective and take a closer look at these top-ranked websites. Here's what to look for when you do SEO Tutorial analysis:

Keywords: What other keywords is the competing web page optimized for?

Content: How much content is there for the keyword you're targeting (words on the page and pages on the site)?

SEO: How is the web page ranking for this keyword? Does it seem intentional and according to SEO Tutorial best practices?

Authority: How much authority do the page and website have (based on links, social media shares, etc.)?

Weaknesses: What weak areas do you see that could be opportunities for you to compete?

Here we'll cover the SEO Tutorial you need to put on your detective hat and start doing SEO Competitive Analysis. It's critical that you identify the best search terms and keywords used on your competitors' sites so that you can evaluate how your pages can better compete.

SEO Tutorial


Spy on Your Competitors' Keywords

It's actually not difficult to get a closer look at your top competitors' web pages and see what keywords they are focusing on.

The goal is to find out which keywords the Search Engine Optimization Strategy for. You want to see not just the one keyword that led you to discover that page, but the set of keywords that, together, signal relevance. Search engines examine over 200 factors that indicate a page's relevance to a search query. Having content focused on the right keywords is an essential ingredient. For that reason, as you look at the top-ranking websites' keywords, you may find clues to additional supportive words and phrases you need on your site.

Don't miss out on these SEO Tutorial that could help bring converting traffic to your site. Spy them out and add them to your keyword list.

1. Enter the URL of a competitor's web page that is ranking for your desired keyword.

2. Scan the reports to identify the keywords that appear frequently or prominently on the page.

3. Keep track of the top keyword phrases the competitor uses if they are new to your keyword research list and applicable to your site.

Next, the SEO Tutorial will show you how to combine keywords and sort your keyword list in order to match targeted, Search Engine Optimization Strategy.

Now that you've spent some time choosing the best keywords, combining them and organizing your SEO Tutorial categories, you probably have a better idea of where your website content may be lacking. The next few steps in our SEO Tutorial lead you through creating new content that uses your keywords appropriately. Read on for what to consider before writing content.


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