One Click and Find all your Domains Outbound DoFollow & Nofollow Links

One Click and Find all your Domains Outbound DoFollow & Nofollow Links

If you are an SEO expert, not be expert if you are just know what is SEO you probably know about whats is do-follow link and what is no-follow link. For who are not familiar with this we just shows you an example of dofollow and nofollow link for domains.

Example for dofollow Link

<a href=””>Twitter</a>

Example for nofollow Link

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Twitter</a>

What is the difference between dofollow and a nofollow link? Nofollow links attributes or commands the search engines doesn’t count the link.

That. means if you gives any links to other site with nofollow attribute that doesn’t pass any link juice. Nofollow links wont get any importance from domains.


Google is really strict in terms to give dofollow links to other sites. It really depends up on where the link is placed and the purpose of the link.

Its really important to check if how many dofollow outbound links has been going from site. You need check in regular intervals if you are running a multi-author blog.

If your blog had a lot of posts and think its bit hard to find your domains dofollow outbound link, there is a one click solution. Try domain outbound link checker.


It is one of the best tool to find your domains all dofollow outbound links however it handles up to 1000 pages. It does not index frames, neither re-directs.

You just need to past your domains name and select ‘Don’t Display’ and click start. Then it will show only the outbound links without nofollow attribute.


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