Why Research on Monetize WordPress Seo

Why Research on Monetize WordPress

As WordPress owners we have various options we can use to monetize wordpress seo. We can use advertisement networks to run ads, and we can also make money without running ads on our blogs. However, making money without an advertisement program is quite difficult and requires hard work.

Monetize WordPress seo with adsense.

monetize wordpress seo

When you use an ad network like adsense, making money from your WordPress blogs gets easier. In this post I will share with you the benefits of using adsense from google.

AdSense is a contextual ad network, and all you need to do is create an AdSense account, get AdSense ad codes for your blog, and add it to your blog.

The minimum payout is $100, and getting an AdSense approval is a little tougher than with other ad networks. AdSense prefers blogs with quality, and they have quality and content guidelines that you need to follow. They don’t accept websites in the Warez, Adult or hacking niches.

Minimum Posts/Articles/Pages:

If you are using WordPress and you want to monetize wordpress seo, make sure your website/blog has at least 40 quality articles which are not copied from anywhere else. Your content on the articles should be extremely rich and make sure you use relevant images where ever required.

Try to include two lengthy articles of 2000 words each, which should be absolutely stunning while anyone reads them on your website. If you are using HTML website or any other non CMS version of blog, make sure you have atleast 50 pages on your website in form or articles or landing pages.

If you miss providing this any of the above information on your website, Google might reject your application saying Insufficient Content or Unacceptable Site Content. So make sure they see enough content on your website before applying the program. The more the content, the better chances of approval.


No Third Party Ads or Programs:

Before applying to AdSense to monetize wordpress seo, make sure you don’t allow or place any other third party banner ad code on your website. Google (employees) will strictly look into your website manually and they hate seeing some third party ads installed in your website. Stay away from Infolinks, Chitika, Yahoo Ads or any other third party network to get the first impression clean on your website. Make sure you put only the fresh content and some regular widgets on the website.

Also, stay away from affiliate links such as hosting programs, Amazon affiliates, Clickbank or anyother to monetize wordpress seo until your account is approved.

Google Analytics Code:

Adding Google Analytics code on your website is a trusted factor for the approval. Adding Analytics onto your website show that you are actively tracking your visitors and is much serious about the statistics of your users who visit your website.

If you haven’t created one, Once registered, get your tracking code by creating new account under the accounts tab and enter your website name, URL and other required details. Place the code on each page of your website to track the data instantly.