Miracle of Miraj in the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

About the Prophet’s Miracle of The Isra Night

The history of Islam is made with all types of miracles, that materialized within the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Though Muslims believe the miracles of different Prophets before Muhammad (PBUH) Furthermore. However, for them, Muhammad (PBUH) is that the prime temperament United Nations agency in His every action and each deed was no but a miracle and also the range of miracles that came solely from His temperament is way larger than any of the sooner Prophets.

The Night of Isra

Surah Isra

Among varied miracles of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), one among the foremost far-famed miracles is that the miracle of Isra and Mairaj. it’s the miracle wherever Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ascended to heaven at the hours of darkness and met Allah Almighty. The lines below discuss a short detail of what this event was, what were the key happenings of the full journey.

A Brief Description:

The event of Isra and Mairaj materialized on the twenty seven-night of the Moslem month of Islamic calendar month once Allah Almighty sent Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to bring him to Allah.

Initial Prophet (PBUH) was taken to the place of worship al-Aqsa in the capital of Israel and from there He ascended to skies and also the higher journey began.

‘Isra’ means that ‘walking in the night’ and ‘Mairaj’ means that to “ascend“. Therefore, the Isra and Mairaj event represent the full journey of Prophet (PBUH) from His house to the upper skies and from there on backwards. In Quran, Allah Almighty says:

Laila Tul Isra and Mehraj

“Glory to (Allah) United Nations agency did take His Servant for Journey by night from the Sacred house of prayer to the Farthest house of prayer whose precincts we have a tendency to did bless – so as that we’d show him a number of Our Signs: for he’s the one United Nations agency heareth and seeth (all things).” (17:1)

Further thereto, learning from the Quran, at another place Allah Almighty provides transient details of the Isra and Mairaj event in the following way:

“While he was within the highest a part of the horizon: Then he approached and came nearer, And was at a distance of however 2 bow-lengths or (even) nearer; thus did (Allah) convey the inspiration to His Servant (conveyed) what He (meant) to convey.

The (Prophet’s) (mind and) heart in no approach falsified that he saw. can ye then dispute with him regarding what he saw? For so he saw him at a second descent.

Close to the Lote-tree on the far side that none might pass: close to it’s the Garden of Abode. Behold, the Lote-tree was shrouded (in mystery unspeakable!) (His) sight ne’er swerved nor did it go wrong! For actually did he see the Signs of His Lord the best.” (53:7-18)

This domestic refers the height of Mairaj wherever Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) met Allah Almighty in the flesh. Each Muslim is tuned in to this specific happening throughout the night, however, there are 3 different major things that happened on the night of Isra and Mairaj.

The lines below provide a transient detail with the 3 major happenings on the night of Mairaj.

Meeting With Prophets:

The first major happening of the night of Isra and Mairaj is of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) meeting varied Prophets whereas ascending to higher skies. a short description of the Prophets He met is as follows:

At the primary Heaven, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) met Hazrat Adam (AS). Prophet Adam (AS) had bodies on his left and right. once he would look on the left he would cry and once he would inspect the correct he would laugh. These bodies were the souls of humans, on the left were those United Nations agency were disbelievers and for them, there was social control, whereas on the correct were the believers the nice Muslims, for whom there was the reward.

At the Second Heaven, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) met Hazrat Isa (AS) and Hazrat Yahya (AS). They each were maternal cousins and Prophets of their time. They each greeted Him and created supplications choked with sensible information for Him.

At the Third Heaven, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) met Hazrat Yusuf (AS). Yusuf (AS) was illustrious for His beauty and Prophet (PBUH) witnessed to that throughout His meeting with him. Yusuf (AS) gave the Prophet (PBUH) a heat welcome and supplicated for Him.

At the Fourth Heaven, Prophet (PBUH) met Hazrat Idris (AS), United Nations agency additionally greeted Him heartily and supplicated for Him.
At the fifth heaven, Hazrat Harun (AS) United Nations agency was the brother of Hazrat genus Musa (AS) greeted Prophet (PBUH) and supplicated for Him.

At the Sixth Heaven, Prophet (PBUH) met Hazrat genus Musa (AS) United Nations agency additionally greeted Him and supplicated for Him.

At the blissfulness, Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) was the one United Nations agency greeted Prophet (PBUH). Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) was standing together with his back reinvigorated on Bayt al-Mamur, that is that the reproduction of Kabah on the blissfulness around that the angels do the Tawaf within the same approach as Muslims do around the Qibla within the world. it absolutely was at this time that Prophet (PBUH) additionally saw Sidra-tul-Muntaha that is that the tree that marks the top of the heavens and from there on there’s the Abode of Allah Almighty.

Five-Time Prayers:

When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) met Allah Almighty, besides different factors the one thing that Allah Almighty spoke on the point of Prophet (PBUH) was the prayers.

Allah Almighty created the 5 prayers mandatory for Muslims, though the prayers terribly fifty for the primary time, however Prophet (PBUH) requested Allah Almighty to scale back the prayers, that was then reduced to 5. Regarding, this, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) same in His hadith that Allah Almighty said:

“O Muhammad! These prayers have to be compelled to be performed 5 times daily. However, there are 10 rewards for every prayer!” (Muslim)

Thus, from this hadith, it’s clear that though the prayers we provide ar 5, however, they contain the reward of fifty prayers for a Muslim.

Showing Of Paradise And Hell

In addition to meeting Allah Almighty, the Prophets and also the commandment regarding prayer, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) additionally visited paradise and hell throughout the Isra and Miraj.

In hell He saw all types of individuals receiving completely different varieties of punishments, like there have been adulterers United Nations agency were uptake fatty meat with rotten smell, the usury takers were having giant bellies creating it not possible for them to maneuver, then there have been those that take the property of orphans, they were uptake red-hot stones.

On the opposite hand, in Paradise Prophet (PBUH) saw all types of blessings and gifts that the dwellers of heaven enjoyed. He additionally saw Hur ul Ayn United Nations agency ar the damsels of paradise and can be married to the believers United Nations agency are given heaven by Allah Almighty.


In short, the night of Isra and Mairaj is one among the foremost reverend and revered nights for Muslim and also the journey of Prophet (PBUH). It is looked upon mutually of the sacred and greatest miracles that Allah Almighty provided to solely Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and nobody else.