Builds Niche Relevant Backlinks to Improve Your Serps

Builds Niche Relevant Backlinks to Improve Your Serps

increase backlinks for your site

You can submit your website to different types of platforms, including directories, engines, social networks, article sites, blogs, forums, wiki sites, web 2.0 and many others.

The software will automatically find new website platforms related to your keywords and is able to promote an unlimited number of websites.

GSA Search Engine Ranker like life turns out to be full of surprises.

At first you are all hyped up and cant wait to get your hands on your own copy of GSA Search engine ranker, but once you have it you soon realize there are allot more to it than just a backlinks builder, and soon you will learn that GSA Search Engine Ranker on its own is pretty useless and you need to buy more stuff and in the end you spend 4 times more than you intended to.

But is is worth all of it because you then own the best automated backlinks  building tool available.

Whilst GSA Search engine ranker does have around 60 web 2.0 to offer you these are not necessary optimized engines,  and this is where Serengines comes in the picture.

SER Engines is a development firm separate from GSA which creates and maintains engines compatible with GSA Search Engine Ranker.......Serengines develop and maintain; Web 2.0 blogs and Web 2.0 High PR Profiles.

In short Serengine will boost your web 2.0 results.

Please note this is not essential and GSA Search Engine Ranker will work just fine with it, BUT it is highly recommended.

At time of writing this they are charging $14.95 per monthInstalling Serengine is pretty straight forward.

Once you sign up with you will be provided with a api key that you add to GSA Ser Options under advance tab, as in the below image, after that just click the update button and you will see Serengines towards the bottom of the Project Data View screen.

Thats it ones added nothing else to do apart from selecting or deselecting which ones u want to use.

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