7 Google SEO Tips to Get Top 10 Rankings in 2016

7 Google SEO Tips to Get Top 10 Rankings in 2016

If you have any problems with getting high rankings, or if you lost them after any of the Google updates, regardless whether you’re new to Google SEO Tips or you are a SEO expert, make sure to carefully read this guide and follow all advice given to get in the Top 10 on Google.

We’ve got many customers who have successfully achieved the Top 10 on Google SEO Tips with us, but we also have some who didn’t.

Every month we carefully study and analyze every factor that influences on the success and failure of each and every one of our customers.

We aim at revealing the most important reasons WHY some people cannot succeed in getting ranked in Google Top 10 and what exactly you need to do – and how to do it – in order to successfully achieve #1 on Google in 2016!


Note: it’s vital to follow each of the following 11 steps. Ignoring even just one of them may result in failure to be ranked Top 10 on Google SEO Tips.

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He’ll follow each of the following 11 steps for you and lead your site to Top rankings on Google SEO Tips for all of your keywords.

1. Find out the cost of Top 10 for your keywords

2First of all, you need to make a competition research in order to find and focus on those keywords, which you can afford.

Using our Free Google SEO Tips Cost Calculator Tool you can find out how many links you need and how much it will cost you to outrank your competition.

Without knowing the reason of low ranks, you will not see the possible ways of how to improve search engine ranking.


This step is very important since it will allow you to choose the right niche and right keywords that you can afford and succeed with them.

For example, at first you may want to target a keyword like ‘link building’, but after doing some research, you may find out it’s too competitive and you’ll want to switch to some other, less competitive keyword, say ‘link building service USA’.

Doing this research can save you thousands of dollars because the difference in price for different keywords can be as huge as $10,000 for one keyword and only $100 for another long-tail keyword.

So, find out how much it will cost you and how many links you’ll need to outrank your competition using our Free SEO Cost Calculator.

It will help to boost Google ranking with maximally efficient expenses. You will not spend more than you actually need to spend for getting the required result.

For more info on how to choose the right keywords, check out this 7 Rules for Selecting The Best Keywords.

2. Prepare a detailed link building plan

As it is well known, a good plan is 50% of success. Whereas, doing a lot of activities without a plan may even harm your website rankings.

Backlinks are a real Google rank increaser, if to use them in a smart way.

Doing Google SEO Tips for many years and helping hundreds of business owners getting #1 on Google for their most important keywords, we’ve made so many link building plans that decided to develop a free and powerful tool that will help you get a detailed.

Professional link building plan for your exact situation, taking into account your exact keywords, website, competition and what’s most important, your budget.

Our backlink analyzer works according to the rules of how Google ranks pages. It is possible to calculate how many backlinks you need to purchase, and what type of links you exactly need to match your SEO expectations.

So now we’re glad to let you know that our Free SEO Cost Calculator will not only calculate the cost of Top 10 on Google SEO Tips for your keywords.

But it will also provide you with a detailed link building plan that you can easily follow on a weekly basis on your way to the Top of Google search results.

3. Build links gradually and steadily

Once you’ve got a detailed link building plan, you can start getting backlinks.

But don’t hurry up, to look natural to Google, your link building must be performed slowly and steadily. Our Google SEO Tips Cost Calculator will let you know the recommended speed of link building for your exact website.

As a general recommendation, we can say that for a campaign to look natural, you should build not more than 5 links a day.


It is impossible to know how does Google rank websites, but it is clearly known, what approaches can make Google think that you create fake traffic. Don’t hurry, as it may really harm your website positions.

Use our Automatic Link Building Scheduler to make sure your campaign looks natural. It’s also recommended to start your campaign with low PR backlinks (PR1-PR4), and then, in 1-2 months to start acquiring backlinks with higher PageRanks (PR5-PR7).

For more detailed link building strategy, use our Free Google SEO Tips Cost Calculator.

4. Get backlinks with different, unique anchor texts & different keywords

If you’re a SEO professional or want to become one, learn more about Natural Anchor Text Distribution Formula here.

If you don’t want to become a SEO expert and want to just rank high in Google SERPs, then we can simplify a difficult Natural Anchor Text Distribution Formula for you and tell you that for your backlink profile to look natural to Google, you need follow just 4 simple rules:

Always acquire links for different, unique anchor texts. For example, if your keyword is ‘link building service’ and you provide it mostly for US business owners, then your anchor texts may look like this:

  • link building service for USA
  • USA link building service
  • link building in USA
  • building links in USA
  • USA link building
  • service of building links in USA
  • USA service of link building
  • link builing for USA customers
  • buy links from this USA link building service
  • great link building service
  • affordable link building service
  • high quality link building service, etc.

25% of your anchors should include the URL of your website or even just consist of your URL only.


www.LinksManagement.com provides high quality link building



get quality links using http://www.LinksManagement.com

25% of your anchors should include your brand name or domain name of your website.


LinksManagement provides high quality link building.

LinksManagement specialize in link building.

link building service at LinksManagement.com

quality link building – LinksManagement.com

And for your promotion to look natural, you should also always use multiple different keywords in each link building campaign. You can use synonyms or close terms.


  • link popularity service
  • building links
  • buying links
  • buy backlinks
  • link building for SEO
  • improve ranking with link building
  • get high quality backlinks
  • best link building, etc.

Learn more about how to choose the best anchor texts.

These simple rules will help you in improving Google ranking efficiently without risk to be penalized.

5. Use synergic effect of Google Penguin 2.0 when 1800 links can make you rank #1 for 25000 of keywords

Incredible promgirl_google_analytics_screenshotfact, revealed in the recent SEO research: the researched website promgirl.com is in the Top 20 of Google SERPs for more than 25,000 of keywords (according to SEMRush) and gets more than 1,500,000 of visitors monthly with only 1,800 of referring domains.

If you divide 25000 keywords by 1800 links, you’ll see that it means that only 1 backlink gives Top 20 positions for 14 keywords at once for promgirl.com.

How can this be? 1 link gives 14 Top positions on Google? Sounds incredible? Then check out this research and make sure of everything by yourself!

Explanation of synergic effect of Google Penguin 2.0: according to Natural Anchor Text Distribution Formula, for your backlink profile to look natural to Google, the anchor texts of most backlinks should include your website URL, brand name, domain name and many other keywords, not connected with your main targeted keyword.

It means that if your website already has many such backlinks with URL, brand name and other keywords, then any new links that you build with your targeted keywords used in the anchor texts, will significantly improve your website positions on Google for MANY keywords at once:

for ALL of your existing keywords used in old backlinks.
plus for ALL keywords, used on your website in your content.
plus for ALL long tail keywords.

That’s why now you can get so incredible results on Google as 25,000 of keywords in Top 20 with only 1,800 backlinks and 1,5 million of monthly visitors.

However, to get such results as promgirl.com did, you need to do all what they did:

Follow Natural Anchor Text Distribution Formula (or let our SEO experts run your campaign for you and take care about that).

Always increase the number of referring domains your website has (we recommend permanent links for this purpose).

To keep your campaign look natural and be effective, you need to also follow the rest of the rules, described in this guide or let our SEO experts do the whole work for you.

Note: synergic effect can only be achieved if you follow all of the rules, described in this guide and if you get significant amount of backlinks.

6. Surround your links with content

If possible, surround your links with some keyword-rich content. Links surrounded with some content look more natural to Google.

Otherwise increasing Google ranking with the aim of backlinks may look very suspicious to Google and impose risk of penalties. If this content includes your targeted keywords, then it will add additional link juice to your backlinks.

During links purchase at http://cp.linksmanagement.com you will be able to insert up to 250 of characters from the left side of the link and 250 from the right side of the link.

So your anchor text backlink will be surrounded with 500 of characters of unique, relevant content. This makes sure that links acquired at LinksManagement will look absolutely natural to Google and significantly improve your website rankings on Google, as well as on other search engines.

7. Get backlinks from pages with various Google PageRank

Diversity is a key for successfully growing ranking of websites by Google.

Only high PR or low PR links in your backlink profile may seem suspicious to Google. It is also suspicions when a site has a lot of backlinks from sites with much higher PR.

That’s why your backlinks have to come from web pages with different Google PR. Moreover, most of your links should come from PR0 and PR1 pages to look natural for Google.

Only around 10% of your links should come from high PR pages with PR4 and higher.

If your current backlink profile doesn’t correspond to this recommendation, don’t remove existing links – it’s better to just build new ones with those PageRanks you don’t have enough of for your link profile to start looking natural to Google.

Natural PageRank Distribution Formula.

Google PR of the Backlink Page Quantity of Backlinks.

PR0 ~36%
PR1 ~30%
PR2 ~15%
PR3 ~10%
PR4 ~5%
PR5 ~3%
PR6-PR10 ~1%

Learn more about natural PageRank distribution.

You should expect to see rankings improvement from your link building campaign and not traffic increase, because you won’t see any traffic increase even if you get from position #984 to #9 on Google since only the first 3 spots get significant traffic. Check out Google Traffic Distribution stats.


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