SEO Academy Launching January 1st 2018, Dhaka, Bangladesh


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Now Its Time to show our Boys and Girls to the World regarding the knowledge Technology.

After learning a way to create a modification in Life we have a tendency to finally getting to introduce SEO Academy.

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Course Structure and Necessities

Course Title: Sensible Computer Program Improvement (SEO)

Course Objectives:

This course is specially designed to produce technical information and skills and enforced to make sure at least eightieth of total contact hours on practical/hands-on skills coaching or follow and 2 hundredth trade/ occupations connected theory together with OHS and soft modules;

The course is intended to change trainees to a mass a variety of Technical and occupation. Practical, Personal and structure Skills valued and used each among and on the far side the geographical point.

The course is intended to satisfy the specified competencies of the occupations required within the labor market in and out of doors the country.